Pae Loomakliinik        24h          

Pae Loomakliinik (Veterinary Clinic) offer for your pets a high-quality diagnosis and treatment options. Open with pre-registration 24/7. Home visits within Tallinn.

Reception in a day time: Mon 9.30-20.00,

                                    Tue 9.30-16.00,

                                    Wed 9.30-20.00,

                                    Thu 9.30-16.00, 

                                    Fri 9.30-18.00,

                                    Sat 9.30-16.00,

                                    Sun 9.30-15.00.

We perform the following procedures and operations:
Vaccinations (all pets),
Pet registration to the Lemmikloomaregister,
   Veterinary d

   Blood analyses (hematology, biochemistry, allergy tests, the rabies titering, FIV, FeLV, FIP,  etc.),
Urinalyses (express test, refractrometry, microscopy, bacteriology),
other body fluids (cerebrospinal fluid, abdominal and thoracic cavity fluids, etc.),
Skin diagnostics (scrapings, biopsies, bacteriological, parasitological and mycological analyses),
iopsies and cytological or histological examinations of internal organs,
y (plane films and contrast studies of various organs),
Electrocardiography (ECG),
Neurological examinations (first study, X-ray, myelography, CT, MRI),
Ophthalmological examinations (Schirmer's test, the corneal test, IOP, eye fundus and lacrimal duct examination),
The examination of exotic pets,
Tartar removal,

   Shortening of the teeth, polishing and excision,
Trimming of beaks,
mputation of the first digit week old puppy,
   Flush of the anal sacs
, the foreskin and the vagina, ear cleaning, nail trimming, etc.,
Bladder puncture and catheterization,
and lavage of the stomach, enema,
Animals castration, sterilization,
Caesarean section,
Plastic surgery of the chronicly inflammed ear channel (Zapp etc),
   Skin and rhino- plastics,

Vascular surgery,
Eyelid and corneal surgery,
Other soft-tissue surgerys (pelvis, abdomen, thorax, neck, head, skeletal muscles).

In addition, offers the following services:
Partial autopsy,
Canine massage
Clipping and trimming animals,
   Behavioral counselling,
Dog trainings (obedience, guardian, tracking, rescue, guide dog, hunting, and show),
Equine dressage (Horse breaking - dressage GP).

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